Seaga SnakMart Vending

Seaga SnakMart Vending

Combo Snack & Soda Vending

This machine’s most valuble asset is its space efficiency. It features a wide variety of snack and  beverage options in a tight space. Combination vending is the most space friendly way to offer products to your customers, students, and staff. It comes complete with fully programmable settings, full sales reporting, and equipped with a customer friendly keypad and display.


  • Combination of snack and beverage options
  • Fully programmable
  • Individual selection pricing
  • Full sales reporting
  • Energy saver settings
  • Seamless payment
  • Customer friendly keypad and display
  • Anti-Theft design
  • Quiet, office friendly
  • Energy efficient refrigeration system
  • Just over 6 square feet required

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