Royal Vision Vendor

Royal Vision Vendor

The Royal Vision Vendor has a unique retrieval system consisting of an elevator, which retrieves the sold product from its shelf and delivers it safely to the delivery bin, eliminating potential product damage or product foaming. The Royal Vision Vendors are operator and user friendly, accommodating extensive product package variations without the need for shims, mechanical adjustments or kits. Customers are entertained by the elevator and vend process, products are clearly viewed and the customer selection process could not be simpler. They are reliable and replacement parts are readily available.


  • Large merchandising window
  • Delivery Optic Sensor for Guaranteed Product Delivery
  • Polyurethane Foam Insulated Cabinet & Triple Pane Heated Glass
  • Supports MDB Coin and Bill Acceptors
  • Debit Card Acceptance Compatible
  • Automatic Shutdown (Programmable Automatic Shutdown for Designated Time Periods)
  • Extensive Package Flexibility with no Adjustments, Shims or Kits Required

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