Royal 660 Vendor

Royal 660 Vendor

Coca Cola Beverage Vending Machine

This machine will vend 20oz bottles, 16.9oz bottles, 12oz cans, and 16oz energy drink cans like Rockstar, Monster, and RedBull. The Royal 660 Vendor is highly reliable across the spectrum of today’s products and performs to the highest standards. This machine is a high capacity vertical stacking vendor that can virtually work for any size business or establishment. It’s hard to resist the ice cold temptation of a Royal.


  • 8 selections
  • Multi-price, multi-selection bubble front
  • Vends 20oz and 16.9oz bottles
  • Vends 12oz cans and 16oz energy drinks (i.e. Rockstar, Monster, and Redbull)
  • High beverage capacity compatible with any size business
  • Drop sensor ensures drink delivery to customer or refunds the customer
  • LED lighting that decreases energy consumption and increases lighting system life
  • Econocool refrigeration system with embedded energy management capability

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